when the light's out
and all of the fracturing starts
harry styles. eighteen. homosexual. single.
my name is harry, and i love you all.

suffers from anaplastic astrocytomas. diagnosed a couple of months ago, people suffering from brain tumors such as astrocytomas have a life expectancy of up to two years, radiation therapy only helping to prolong survival and no real treatment being known. harry has quite regretfully departed currently from one direction until farther notice.

this is an independent roleplaying blog. i will roleplay with most, although fellow members of one direction are preferable. and i track the tag harryhasyourheart .
my other blogs are haydenhasyourheart (harry styles fc) and august-iscoming (demi lovato fc)

"But what if I got somebody a rose for Valentine’s day? Would you love me?"


Posted: 1 year ago
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